Most normal people would put this content on Facebook, but to be  honest, I’m not a Facebook fan (nor am I very normal). I have a Facebook account, but I only use it to keep connected with my kids. They will be shocked to learn that I don’t have a huge social following, ha ha. Anyway, by tying this blog to my writing site here on WordPress (The Grassroots Writer’s Guild that I run my writing pal Julia Simpson-Urrutia), I have created a personal space that will be much easier for me to keep current.  And I like the format a lot better than Facebook.

So what’s here? Bascially, a collection of topics that make up who I am. My personal likes and dislikes. People who have been important to me throughout the years. My hobbies.  My animal friends. My love-hate relationship with gardening.  I have also added sections on my forever passionate interests, Elvis and the NBA. Both of these already have considerable content published on The Grassroots Writer’s Guild site, but this is my space to elablorate. To express my emotions. To expand the photos and comment sections. To do whatever I want to do without having to connect it to my writing.

While I appreciate any comments you may want to leave, I will not post any general comment that isn’t topic specific. In other words, this isn’t the place to post your spam business URL. If you have something to say, then sign your actual name, not a letter or number email address. If I find your comment appropriate, I’ll be happy to post it and possibly write a comment in return. Thanks for your interest, and I hope you enjoy this window in my world.